Breast Pump Rental (4 products)

Today we all know that breastfeeding has many benefits for baby and mother alike. Breast milk is food that nature designed for baby to insure good health and survival so much so that the Canadian Pediatric Society recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. Breast feeding is activity that nature designed to help mother to recover from stress of birth faster. Most importantly though, breastfeeding straightens the special bond between a mother and a baby, and intensifies mutual understanding down the road. Often times, breast milk needs to be expressed to either allow someone other than the mother to feed the baby or occasionally for breast health concerns.

Variety of breast pumps can be used:

1. Manual breast pumps can be purchased in most pharmacies or stores that carry baby gear. Those require pumping a piston or squeezing a lever to create suction to empty one breast at a time.

2. Mid-range electric or battery-operated pumps offer two breasts pumping at once, but tend toward long cycling times (some produce only about 12 sucks per minute) hence like manual pumps mid-range electric pumps lose points for efficiency.

3. Top-end electric personal-use pumps combine the efficiency of hospital-grade pumps and the convenience of portable models, but tend to be costly. Neither of the pumps above can be transferable to other users due to health concerns. Droplets of milk can leak into the internal parts, and possibly cause contamination.

If you choose to rent a breast pump, Babyrama offers Hospital grade electric breast pump which is highly efficient (50 to 60 sucks per minute) in emptying the breast fully however extremely costly to purchase for personal use. Hospital grade breast pumps are intended for multiple users. You are to purchase your own personal milk collection kit however in order to collect and store your milk. You are welcome to purchase your collection kit from Babyrama at the same time as you come by to pick up your rented pump.

The rental process takes approximately 15-20 minutes and a valid driverís license and a visa or mastercard is required.

Please note: Minimum Rental Period is 1 week. Double pumping kit is required and needs to be purchased separately. All fees are subject to HST.

Please see below the packages and rates for renting a hospital-grade pump from Babyrama: